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2017 Chamber Membership Booklet

2017 Dues Calculation Form

Dear Chamber Member:

The Luverne Area Chamber values your membership and involvement in our
organization.  Membership dues provide 25% of the funds to operate the Chamber.  Our goals and objectives are determined by a Board of Directors
elected by you, our members.   Your continued membership is a crucial to the work we do.  Today it is more important than ever to work as partners. Under the direction of our Board of Directors we have prioritized strategic goals which include:

  • Supporting tourism - $45,000 per year for community promotion through CVB

  • Coordinating and operating more than 16 community-wide events

  • Collaborating on regional projects and promotions

  • Being a resource for information & assistance for businesses & individuals

  • Supporting business growth and development through special projects

  • Serving as staff for Luverne Initiatives for Tomorrow

  • Coordinating special educational and learning events for our members

  • Serving as a hub for community news & information

  • Staffing and operating the Rock County Veterans Memorial Building including Herreid Military Museum, Brandenburg Gallery and
    rental space


There are exciting new changes taking place in Luverne.  Buildings are being purchased.  New businesses and services are opening their doors.  Dramatic changes and improvements are taking place in existing businesses.  All
these things happen because we work together for the good of the


Today, we are asking you to help us keep things moving forward in Luverne.  Please consider your continued membership to support the work of the Luverne Area Chamber! The Board, Lorna and I are here to serve you and your business.  We invite you to contact us with questions and concerns.  We hope you will be part of our team!

Sincerely yours,

Jane Wildung Lanphere

Executive Director

Lorna Bryan, Administrative Assistant



Our Mission:


To serve as an organization of commercial, retail, professional and educational people working together to enhance economic, civic and cultural interests of the Luverne area.Our VisionTo be recognized as a leader for creating opportunities for community growth and development through individual and business partnerships.


2016 Chamber Membership:

166 Businesses, Organizations, Government and Institutions

3 Retired Members & 3 Associate Members


Luverne Area Chamber

213 East Luverne Street, Luverne, MN  56156


Phone:   507 283-4061   |   Toll Free:   888 283-4061   |   Fax:   507 283-4061   |   Website:


Jane Wildung Lanphere Lorna Bryan
Executive Director Administrative Assistant

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