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The sights and sounds of the prairie and history come alive in Rock County: The Cornerstone of Minnesota.
Luverne, the county seat, offers a wide array of experiences for visitors to enjoy!

A few miles north of Luverne, experience the prairie at Blue Mounds State Park. The park is home to a thriving herd of bison, abundant nature trails, camping facilities, bike trails and Sioux quartzite cliffs (perfect for rock climbers.)  Travel a few miles west to experience Touch the Sky Prairie – a Native Northern Tallgrass Prairie Refuge that features 1,000 acres open for the public enjoyment and operated in partnership with U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the Brandenburg Prairie Foundation.

As one of the four communities featured in Ken Burns’ 2007 WWII documentary, THE WAR, Luverne offers visitors the chance to reconnect with the rich history of that period.  Stop by the Rock County Courthouse Square to visit the Rock County Veterans Memorial Building, home to the HERREID MILITARY MUSEUM.   The museum opened in 2009 and features exhibits that build on the story told in the Burns documentary.  The two floors of the Herreid Military Museum feature the story of soldiers from Rock County and their service to our nation including the Civil War, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam War and the War on Terror. 

Located on the first floor and lower level of the Rock County Veterans Memorial Building is the famed Brandenburg Gallery.  This photographic and sales gallery features over 200 prize-winning images by world-renown nature photographer and Luverne native Jim Brandenburg.

Experience live theatre or watch the latest movie at the Historic Palace Theatre, a beautifully renovated legitimate stage theatre built in 1915.  The charm of the Victorian era will touch your heart with a visit to the beautifully restored Hinkly House, home of one of Luverne’s founding families.

Located on Main Street in downtown Luverne, stop by the HISTORY CENTER.  This living museum, operated by the Rock County Historical Society, features 10,000 square feet of exhibits and research material of the people, businesses and institutions who made Rock County their home.  While you are there, enjoy a visit to Betty’s Nutcracker Gallery, home to an amazing collection of 3,000 nutcrackers, the second largest collection in the Western Hemisphere!

Pick up a self-guided tour where you can follow the footsteps of the past – Luverne Historic Homes and Luverne Main Street.  Learn about the personal stories of former residents with – Tales From the Graves – where you wander through our local cemeteries reading about their colorful pasts.

Enjoy one of the great experiences of life when you stop out at the Verne Drive-In Theatre to enjoy the latest motion picture releases during the summer season.  

Explore the outdoors at the beautiful Luverne City Park or at the many Pocket Parks located throughout the community.  Get your exercise with a ride or a walk on the 6-mile Blue Mound Trail, enjoy a stroll along the 4 miles Luverne LOOP, play a round of golf at Luverne Country Club,  paddle along the Rock River Water Trail or shoot a round at the Rock County Sportsmen’s Club.  Find your adventure when you climb the amazing rock walls at Blue Mound State Park or join Sky Dive Adventures at Quentin Aanenson Field for that jump of a lifetime.  Swim and exercise any time of the year at the beautiful Luverne Aquatic and Fitness Center.

Shop your heart out at some of the most unique shops in the Midwest.  These locally owned shops offer unique merchandise including custom-made, American made only, and unique imports with A-1 customer service

Any time of the day or night…you will find something to do in Luverne, MN!

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