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Current LocationLuverne, US
Address 204 E Brown
CountryUnited States
Cross Luverne Street, bordering the church on the north, and take the diagonal walk to the front entrance of the Rock County Courthouse, also built of locally quarried Sioux quartzite in 1888. The Courthouse was also renovated in 1987-88. Visitors who wish to take the time are welcome to view the interiors of both buildings. We suggest you walk around the Courthouse if you are taking just the outdoor walking tour, then return down the diagonal sidewalk to Luverne Street. This memorial was dedicated on May 28, 2007. The memorial came about through the generous donation of the KAHR Foundation. Warren Herreid II, a former resident of Luverne, and his wife Jeannie Rivet have graciously provided the funds for this beautiful memorial. In providing the memorial the foundation stated, "We are proud to have helped design, build and give this Veterans Memorial to the citizens of Rock County, in honor of the brave veterans who gave their lives for our great country, and all the veterans of Rock County who have served proudly." The community participated by purchasing paver stones engraved with the names of those who have served in the various services over the years. The paver stones make up the walkway to the memorial and will be expanded as additional stones are purchased by residents of Rock County in the future. If you are interested in purchasing a paver stone contact Kyle Oldre at the Rock County Courthouse 507-283-5065 or email:

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