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TitleFarmer of the Year - Feature Film
Place nameHistoric Palace Theatre
Date startOct 20 2018 07:00pm (182 Days Ago)
Date endOct 20 2018 09:00pm (182 Days Ago)

Special screening.  'Farmer of the Year'.  Award winning feature film at the Palace Theatre in Luverne.

"FARMER OF THE YEAR" Comedy/Drama Feature Film

Produced & Directed by: local filmmakers, Kathy Swanson and Vince O'Connell

Written by: Kathy Swanson

Stars: Barry Corbin, Mackinlee Waddell, Terry Kiser, Mackinlee Waddell

Synopsis: After selling the Minnesota family farm eighty-three year old Hap Anderson just feels old and in the way so he tries to recapture his youth by road tripping with his unemployed granddaughter in a dilapidated Winnebago to his WWII reunion while desperately trying to find a date to impress his old army buddies.

For 3 1/2 years, Vince and Kathy have been writing, producing, directing and editing the feature film 'FARMER OF THE YEAR'.  Filmed largely in Kathy's hometown of Tyler, Minnesota, 'FARMER OF THE YEAR' has been a labor of love and couldn't have been done without the help of family and friends (including several people from Luverne who are in the film).  The film world-premiered at the Sedona International Film Festival in February, where is was an 'audience award' finalist, and has recently launched a limited theatrical release.

103 min

Yellowhouse Films

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